Featured Project: RevitalizeMD

Putting the science Back Into Beauty

Establishing the new RevitalizeMD Brand has an authority in clinical beauty in the Edmonton area. Educating Customers Through Instagram and Facebook on the Science of Beauty and Building Meaningful Customer Experiences Online.

What Social Leaf Marketing is all About:

Marketing With a Purpose

Welcome to modern marketing - marketing that is both smart and that has a purpose. When you work with Social Leaf - you are not only growing your company and increasing sales - you are apart of a group of businesses all focused on helping make the world a better place.

About Us

Marketing for Purpose Driven Businesses

Social Leaf uses the power of digital marketing to spread ideas that help make our world a better place. Focusing on working with companies such as non-profits, companies that support healthy lifestyles and companies that help save the planet; we create an unmatched marketing service that makes change happen for the businesses and people that are trying to change the world.

Measure Real Business Outcomes not just marketing kpi's

See exactly how digital marketing is improving your bottom line with the metrics that matter most to your business. See how your brand assets are growing over time, set and hit targets.

Create or grow a brand

Refine your brands strategic messaging and learn how to create and implement a marketing message that connects with your customers.


Marketing is no longer a department - it is the heart of an organization. At Social Leaf, we provide in-depth training packages for corporations looking to take their marketing to the next level. Available both in person or online.


Different industries and different companies need to have marketing strategies that are unique and designed for them to win. At Social Leaf, we work with you to create a marketing package that works with you and your organizations goals.


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Featured Projects

Explore three different stories in three different projects where we brought brand stories to life.


Featured testimonials from just some of the happy clients we have had the privilege to work with.

They see our company's vision

"It has been a pleasure working with Social Leaf. The company is easy to get along with, they see our company’s vision, initiates and they put plans into action immediately. I have definitely seen some growth in our company since starting out social media campaign with Social Leaf.”

Taylor wideman

Splash Juicery - Social Media Campaign


"To date my Facebook following has increased significantly and I am beginning to see results. I’ve been most impressed with Social Leaf’s knowledge and professionalism and combined with their accessibility makes it easy for me to recommend this company."

Glen Evens

Go Travel - Facebook Campaign

Our Services

Having a winning digital marketing presence for your business has never been easier. We take the guesswork out of digital marketing and create and execute a plan that gives your company real results.


Create a digital marketing strategy on platforms like Facebook & Google Ads - that make your business stand out from the crowd, while giving tangible results that you can measure.

GOOGLE ADS or Pay Per Click

Rank #1 on Google and Search Advertisements of people looking for your business and only pay when someone clicks your advertisement.


Learn how to guide your brands strategy and developing a marketing plan that connects with customers. Guide your digital marketing with expert advice or train your organization.