The Identity Question

July 15, 2020

Before you sell anything, you have to ask a single fundamental question:

How will this effect the persons identity? 

Does this decision effect who they think they are as a person? Do they believe they are going to move up in status or down? Do they feel their identity is being affirmed or denied?

When the young entrepreneur walks into a car dealership to buy a car, based on his or her identity, you can tell the story of saving money and getting a Honda Civic with hail damage or tell them the story of being an ambitious up and comer that has the brand new car and the whole image.

These are two fundamentally different stories but they are both based on the central question of identity.

Note that, identity also doesn't mean job title. Identity is much more profound. It's really based on how someone relates to their job title and what people around them say they are.

Who is your customer? Who do they believe they are? Who do they believe they are not? Where do they believe they are going?


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