The Balance of Fitting in the Mind

September 29, 2020

There is a balance that must be struck when trying to fit into a persons mind.

On one side is the known. It's the part of your brand that are familiar to me. Things I have seen before and concepts that I understand.

On the other side is the unknown. It's the unique style that your brand brings. It's the voice. The value. The true nature and value proposition of it.

If you are to far on the familiar side - you are generic and you are practically a commodity. I will only buy from you based on convenience and or price.

If you are to far on the unknown side - I don't know where you fit and it scares me. If it's so new, I won't know what to do so I end up not taking action.

Somewhere in the middle, based on where your brand is in space and time - is what allows the brand to fit into the customers mind.


Headquarters #1: Edmonton / Alberta / Canada


Headquarters #2: La Quinta / California / United States