Marketing & Advertising Unity

June 23, 2020

There is typically a chasm between marketing and advertising.

Some company’s don’t even have a chasms - their lines are so blurred between advertising and marketing that they don’t even know what the difference is anymore.

But you need clarity and alignment in these two things to move forward.

Marketing is the change that your service or product makes and the experience that goes along with that.

Advertising is the voice of your marketing. It gets the word out over all the other noise with the goal of your brand being remembered in some way.

Even though these are two distinct processes, there needs to be alignment and unity between the two, it’s the only way for you to have a brand that stands the test of time. To many companies focus to much on marketing and are never seen and some spend much to much time on short term advertising campaigns, which causes the customer to care about their brand less in the lorn run.

You must look to gain clarity and alignment between then two.

It’s only then that you can have an actual marketing plan.


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