If a Lion Could Speak...

October 28, 2019

As Ludwig Wittgenstein once wrote: "If a lion could speak, we couldn't understand him"

This means a lot of different things - one of the meanings is called the "gap of communication". The idea that communication between groups of people can easily get scrambled - that a lot of the message gets lost in interpretation. One of the reasons it gets lost in interpretation is that different things mean different things to different people. That if we were to have access to the "lion's" stream of consciousness and decision making - we wouldn't be able to fully understand it for what it truly was - because we are not the lion.

The same goes for marketing. The biggest problem with marketing is that since we are doing it for customers, we must first understand them and that's hard - because in many ways they are like Wittgenstein's lion - living a different reality then we are. Much different then we could ever imagine.

The art and science of marketing is getting close enough. Creating a story that resonates with that person and the way they see the world. (Not the way we see it).


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