Habits Vs The Way Things Are

September 27, 2019

Which of the following are (1) Habits (things we can work on) and which ones are (2) Things we can't change (just they way things are): 

- I always try to be on time - but I am always late.

- I am always a caring person.

- I am the type of person that is a planner - I have trouble doing.

- I over analyze things and don't take action.

- I take to much action and don't thing through problems.

When you think about it - It's hard to decide if we are born with certain dispositions are not. It's important to know the boundaries of our character but too often we rush to state with certainty - "this is the way things" are or "the way I am" - rather then asking what's the habit or system behind this choice.

Next time try thinking in systems and habits vs fate and predispositions.


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