Dissecting the Concept of a "Hook"

September 23, 2019

I could write a whole book about the hook - but although its multifaceted at its core its simple.

Here are five key parts of a hook:

(1) Positioning - I know how this relates to the alternatives and I believe it is distinct when I compare it to the others.

(2) Dimension - There are layers to the offer or service and multiple reasons why I would engage with you - all combined up support the arc of the hook and create it.

(3) Competence  - I believe that you have the resources, experience and knowledge to make the whole thing come true

(4) Controversy - There is some tension created from the mystery of if any of this is true at all.

(5) Remarkably - The whole idea has a core to it that is easy to talk about in a sentence or too. It is both easy to talk about and interesting to talk about.

Does your idea have these five elements? 


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