Featured Project: RevitalizeMD

Putting the science Back Into Beauty

Establishing the new RevitalizeMD Brand has an authority in clinical beauty in the Edmonton area. Educating Customers Through Instagram and Facebook on the Science of Beauty and Building Meaningful Customer Experiences Online.

Putting the Science Back Into Beauty

Guiding RevitalizeMD's branding process and building the brands presence on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Project Description

RevitalizeMD is where science intersects with health and beauty to bring you leading edge skin and body care. They offer their clients today's newest and incredibly effective laser technology: the Sciton JOULE™ platform featuring the BBL™, laser hair removal, NanoLaserPeel™, Halo™, and to address women's unique needs, the diVa® and BTL Emsella™.  

Release Date:
September 29, 2018
Video Marketing, Google PPC & Facebook Marketing
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