Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club

Sweat Crawl IV


Client: Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club

Focus: Capturing the Moment of Truly Social Fitness in a Fun & Dynamic Way

Project: Sweat Crawl IV

Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club or "SVAC" is a private 22,000 sq ft athletic club in St. Albert Albert that has been changing the way we think about and do fitness for over 20 years. SVAC's mission is to: "Make Fitness Fun."  They do this everyday by giving customers variety (over 75+ classes each week), creating a place to meet new friends (lounge and play-care for kids) and by bring the members of the gym together more often (through events like BBQ's and workout challenges).

SVAC was looking for a unique way to bring this social dynamic to their digital marketing presence. They wanted to insure that people were getting value from the SVAC's social media pages and that it was something that brought the members and community even closer to each other.

Social Leaf created this dynamic through stunning event and sports photography that captured not only the technical benefits of the gym but the people. Social Leaf created moments online that members wanted to share with each other and advertisements that allowed people to peer in and imagine them own-selves going to this gym.

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Social Media Director: Nick D.

Videoagraphy: Jared N

Photography: Lord S.

Direct Marketing Manager: Cole V.

Brand Director: Cole V.


Headquarters #1: Edmonton / Alberta / Canada


Headquarters #2: La Quinta / California / United States