We Are All Walking Contradictions

November 4, 2019

When I was a kid I had a YouTube channel that never saw the light of day called "the perfect paradox". I had no idea what the channel was going to be about I just liked the sound of the name.

The more I think about it - it was all a foreshadow to what I would later learn about marketing - because marketing in a lot of ways is full of paradoxes, oxymoron's, dichotomies and seemingless contradictions.

That to get to the highest level of marketing is to understand these subtle differences that make up people and marketing. The nuances.

One example has to do with the adoption curve. That people can seemingly be interested in being the very first person to try out a new form of untested technology but also be the same exact person that wants the proven and popular restaurant (or vise versa).

That we are all walking contradictions and thus marketing itself is a contradiction.

People are not monolithic. They don't treat everything the same. It's about understanding and seeing these contradictions that will allow us to build a more effective model of marketing.

Look for the contradictions in marketing and work with them to build something interesting.


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