Tribal Elements Part 1

October 31, 2019

Standard views of marketing come with the assumption that the core idea of marketing is a straight line, one that is designed to acquire a customer and make a sale. While this is certainly the case with some direct marketing methods - the exciting elements of marketing come from tribal elements. Tribal elements of brand is parts of your brand that people can use to reaffirm or transform their own identity while at the same time using these elements to help them connect with groups of people around them and/or have the ability to experience tension with.

These are elements that are built into the very fabric of the organization that give people the tools, symbols, and meanings to weave stories together that bring the group together in new and interesting ways. This takes elements of status, identity and perfection and allows us to create real social experiences that create value for people. This type of marketing allows you to have a core - a center piece of what your idea or business represents to people.

Marketing exists because we are humans. Humans are social. Think tribal.


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