Transcending Realities

March 21, 2020

The news reporter doesn't care about if the customer takes action about their ideas per say - the advertiser on the other hand watches closely for this.

Even if the effect of change on the customer isn't immediate the goal of marketing is to change the customer in someway - no matter how small or big - no matter how tangible or intangible - to have a customer engage more closely with a company or movement.

Whether it's to turn a unfamilized prospect to a familized one, a non-email list subscriber to a subscriber, a customer into a non-customer.

Change in other terms is a movement of realities. You are actively moving the customer from their current reality to a new one. That change is emotional, that change involves inertia and tension.

As a marketer you must be able a master at what I call: "transcending realities" - you have to be able to transcend out of your own bubble and enter other people's realities. You have to be able to understand the bubble that people are currently in and help them transcend into a new reality.

This process is at the heart of marketing. It is dynamic and nuanced - but nonetheless essential.


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