Through the Looking Glass

October 7, 2019

One of the core concepts of the looking glass self is that our perceptions and image of ourselves are shaped by the interactions we have with the people and environment around us.Brands play a role in this self identity and cultural identity process. When we look out into the world we see brands - 99% of them we ignore and then the other 1% we use to reference points and as ways to reinforce our own identity and desires.

We use them as symbols that act as shorthand to represent what we stand for and what we believe in and we use them as tools to get our own ideas across.

Brands also act as markers in society that people use to reinforce their own identity and to share ideas. It shapes the very person we are and the very culture we live in.

If this is true, how does your brand for into all of this?


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Headquarters #2: La Quinta / California / United States