The Profit Incentive

September 14, 2020

People always told me growing up, both in business and in life, that all companies simply wanted one thing: ROI.

They insisted on it. Both my friends who have never started a business in their life and the mighty business moguls from above.

Maybe I was naive but I never thought this was a satisfactory answer.

I thought to myself: Is that all that life in business is? Is that all that people care about?

When you look in the world and spot people that truly care in business - you can see that this ROI principle doesn't quite withstand scrutiny.

That clients aren't simply buying something from you to get one more percent of engagement rate or yet one more customer.

More often then not, they are buying an insight from you. They are buying a feeling. They are buying a form a status. They are buying a story that they can then go tell their friends and their boss about.

Some groups of people coldly are just in the pursuit of ROI, but I find if you look closer and realize that these customers are not robots trying to optimize performance but rather humans that feels things - it makes you realize where the true value of marketing comes from.

To not sell numbers but to connect with humans.


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