The Brands We Remember

October 16, 2019

When thinking about marketing - its easy to over complicate what we should be focusing on to grow our company - but what if we started with the question:

"What are the elements that I admire in the brands that I care about?"

This is where we can start to see patterns and make decisions that are more focused and effective.

When thinking about this question through the lens of direct or brand marketing - it's clear.

The most appealing type of marketing is direct marketing. Its the type of marketing where you know exactly how many customers saw your ad, how many people converted and how much money you made - immediately, no questions asked. This is Google search ads, landing pages and funnels. Companies and accountants in particular love this type because they find comfort in seeing the direct cause and effect relationship.

On the other side, the vary nature of brand marketing is that the numbers are less clear and the payoff of the work is extrapolated more into the future; which creates uncertainty. What is the value of having a famous celebrity talking about your brand, going on the late night show or having a billboard at the Los Angles airport? : The thing is you don't know exactly and you won't know for a while.

However, when you look at the brands you admire (or at least the ones I admire) are built of the virtues of brand marketing. Great companies are built with both, but when I think of my love for a brand, I don't love it because it had a high converting funnel and sold me a thing.

It was all the unsaid things that caused the bond, the feeling of the brand, what it represented to me and my identity.

How are you making your brand more memorable? 


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