Symbols, Signs & Words

October 2, 2019

When we talk about creating a brand or telling that brand story - we do that through symbols, signs and words.

Words can be symbols and symbols can be words. They are they very mechanism that creates that transfer from idea to the persons mind. It is the way your business looks, how the packaging feels or even how you fulfill the promise. Throughout the whole journey of the engagement with your product or services is the idea of symbols and words.

Words are there to connect, transfer information and state something to the reader.

Symbols are the exact same, but more subtle since they take may forms in come in more then just in words and phrases.

Symbols can be from how the store looks to how the UX is designed. It can be the type of signage the restaurant has at the front or doesn't have. Either way - each one of these pieces of stimulus add up to something that your customer engages with and is influenced by both subconsciously and consciously.

Are the symbols and words around your business helping to move your business forward or backwards? 


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