Storefronts & Landing Pages

October 6, 2019

It's easy to visualize a physical in life storefront and the pieces to make that storefront successful.

The physical, sensory, visual, social and informational influences of the real life retail environment - all playing a role in whether you buy or not. Whether you trust the brand more or less.

The problem is that we don't carry the same care and mindfulness when we are designing web experiences.

We often view them as one dimensional: putting all the information on a websites that its just "out there". Instead of breaking down the physical, sensory, visual, social and informational components of the web experience.

Instead of saying how can I just put this information online. Ask: "how can I create an immersive store experience online?" With the same care, and deliberate thinking you would with a real in life store front.s


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Headquarters #2: La Quinta / California / United States