States & Focus Part 1

October 3, 2019

Why is it better to communicate to someone an idea sitting down vs standing up?

Why is it better to sell to someone at the end of a 3 hour webinar vs at the beginning? 

Why do seminars last for 10 hours long then sell to you at the end? 

Why does't popcorn sell better at the theater then at a best buy?

Because of States & Focus.

When you think of communicating your brand or idea - ask yourself: What state is the customer in right now? Are they ready to hear this message?

You might have the idea or product that the customer has had the deepest desire for, for the longest time but if he or she is in a bad state - you won't be able to have that idea enter their mind.

States & Focus


Headquarters #1: Edmonton / Alberta / Canada


Headquarters #2: La Quinta / California / United States