Speaking to Desires

November 3, 2019

Most marketing amateurs will come at marketing with this point of few - that the goal of a marketing campaign is to create desire - to manufacture it.

The thing with human desire is that it is not created but guided. That new products or ideas don't create new desires in our human body - they act as stimuli to bring out those desires. Desires we have had hardwired in us for thousands of years.

The desire to be loved.

The desire to belong.

The desire to stand out.

The desire to be a master at something.

The desire to be first.

The desire to be certain.

The desire of taking a risk.

The desire of feeling happy.

These are desires that are not created by marketers but brought out through stimuli. They are desires that live in the human body - not given to.

What desires are you trying to bring out in your customers? It's you job to lead them to where they want to be lead.


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