Outcomes & Systems

September 24, 2019



the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

I think the goal of marketing or at least the function that people relate too when they talk about marketing - is to sell. It's hard to disagree with this and I think that this definition is accurate. However, when people hear this definition they jump to the selling part. They immediately try to just sell someone another thing instead of looking at the processes that get you to that point.

It's similar to the idea that a success coach would teach. People always say that want a Lamborghini - and they obsessed about the idea of getting a sports car. They get excited about engines, other sports cares and know deeply about the field of sports cars themselves. However, none of them take time to learn how to have the financial capabilities to get something like sports car. The financial knowledge and discipline you need to make it a reality. Instead of obsessing about how to get there - they only obsess about the outcome (the Lamborghini).

The same is true with the field marketing. People spend the whole time obsessed with the selling part without much care about how that happens or what needs to happen to make selling work.

Its important to understand and care about the outcomes we want - but its also just as important to make sure that we care about how we actually get there.


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