Marketing Perspective: Creating New Marketing Ideas

October 13, 2019

Innovation and possibility in marketing can be created through perspective. Meaning that if we look at the problems the right way we can come up with new innovations we never saw or thought was possible before. You do this through a couple of different concepts:

1) Cross Pollination of Different Ideas from Different Disciplines: Combining fields that have never been combined before, Example: "Economics" + "Physiology = Behavior Economics

2) Looking at Constraints: Most people assume constraints are a bad thing but in reality they are what drive innovation. They are the skeleton of assumptions, laws and rules that allow ideas to flourish or collapse. Example: What happens when you add the constraint of time or take it away from a game show? 

3) Using Humor & Being Contrarian: Some of the best ideas come from using humor or doing the exact opposite of what is going on. Example: Coke vs Pepsi advertisements then "7up the uncola".

Remember that marketing is what is used to influence and change the perspectives of people - the very thing we give to people perspective - is the very thing we need to give ourselves when generating new marketing ideas and innovation.


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