Marketing Model Innovation

August 26, 2020

Under every transaction and touch point with a customer is the underlying assumption of how all of these marketing pieces fit together.

- What are the assumptions of who the customer is?

- What are the assumptions of what the customer needs and desires?

- What are the assumptions of what the customer tells themselves a story about?

- What are the assumptions of how the customer thinks they fit in socially using this product or service?

- How does the customer really feel when they use it and what do they really crave?

Marketing creates real psychological value to customers. It connects them in ways they have never been connected. It changes the story they tell themselves so that they can live a better reality. It changes the way their peers relate to them. It even changes the way your car drives or the taste of wine.

Marketing adds real value but it doesn’t do it randomly, it does through a system and the customer is in the centre of that system. Around the customer is all the leavers of creative, brand, placement, story and all other marketing assets that engage with the customer.

When you identify these assumptions and leavers clearly, you have the opportunity to create consistent marketing value to people.


Headquarters #1: Edmonton / Alberta / Canada


Headquarters #2: La Quinta / California / United States