Marketing & Advertising

August 23, 2020

Marketing is the brands core soul. It's a representation of what the company stands for and promises to consumers. It is the beacon that allows customers to connected and communicate together about the brand. Marketing is what provides the fundamental physiological innovation to customers realities and perceptions. Itis what helps people cope and marketing is what allows people and cultures to change.

Advertising is the voice of the marketing. It is the element that reaches out through all the noise and clutter to connect to the customer. Advertising is about setting expectations. It's about being remembered. It's about increasing familiarity and awareness. It is about taking action. Advertising is about the placements, it's about the tactics, its about the buying and the games that it takes for that ad to perform.

Some people say you can't be great at both marketing and advertising but if we want to have a chance at becoming at least adequate at both - we must understand that there is a fundamental difference in both and in the way that we approach them. They are fundamentally different skill sets and functions.


Headquarters #1: Edmonton / Alberta / Canada


Headquarters #2: La Quinta / California / United States