Is there Something Better then Storytelling?

November 7, 2019

Marketers are obsessed with the idea of telling stories and believe it is the holy grail of marketing.

While stories are a powerful mechanism of communication - they are just a method but not marketing itself.

Marketers have a history of confusing tactics with strategy - and storytelling is a powerful tactic (and potentially a necessary one) but without fundamental principles before - there is nothing worth telling a story about. The other problem with the model of storytelling is the idea that it is more one-sided. Its the idea that if we tell a compelling enough story to the right audience - then they will buy from us. Rather then focusing points that define an iconic brand it skips over that part and rushes to have storytelling as the end goal - when it should really be a means to an end.

Is there something better out there then storytelling? 


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