June 24, 2020

Not everyone hears things that you do. We think sounds or voices are something that anyone with the ability to hear can hear but it turns out, people only hear what they want to hear.

If we don’t want to think about something, we block it out. We avoid it. We change the story in our mind to something we desire.

Then a marketing voice is not something we hear, it’s something we create in our head.

People have a filter in their mind. As soon as a message hits their brain, it starts to bend to the different stories and paradigms of the receiver.

All the “noise” out there is just people filtering what they want to hear. Peoples filters are getting stronger but it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to listen to nothing. Filtering out noise is what creates focus on the things that matter to that customer.

As marketers we, seek to understand what they filter out and what they choose to receive, only then do we have a chance to change them.


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