From Current to Imagined States

November 9, 2019

"Imagine if you had __________"

"Imagine if you didn't have to fear __________"

"Imagine if you could experience __________"

"Imagine if you could be like __________"

"Imagine if" is one of the most powerful phrases in marketing. Giving the words to allow the customer to imagine a different future then they are currently experiencing is at the heart of marketing.

Imagination is the human ability to see from here and extrapolate out to the possible future. It's in a lot of ways the reason why people take the leap and buy something - it is because they believe a certain outcome will happen in the future - that the imagined state will come true.

As marketers we can give people the tools to imagine this different future reality in new and interesting ways.

It starts with empathizing where they are. "I use to suffer from x, but then I found y, and now I can do z."

That our product or service can act as the very bridge that takes people from their current experience to imagined states that they never thought was possible.


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