Dividing Hand-Soaps

January 9, 2020

When new ideas enter the world - most customers wont even notice them- but others that are relevant to them - they will consider. When it hits their mind at the speed of light, their memory system will quickly be trying to conserve energy by putting the idea into some type of it into a "box".

The box represents a frame; a set of reference points in the customers mind at which I can hook new ideas onto and use to relate your idea with ones that are already existing in the world. If there is no apparent reference point they won't be able to understand it easily - if at all because it takes energy to think up completely new ideas in the mind.

So we hook them to existing ideas but naturally this causes them to divide down. For example, when we create one box (Ex. hand soaps) as soon as the market introduces more variations (Ex. mainstream hand-soaps, hygienic hand-soaps, vegan hand-soaps, manly hand-soaps, hand-soaps for restaurants, hand-soaps for rich people or affordable hand-soaps) it keeps dividing down even more till it becomes even more and more personalized for the customer. (Ex. Hand soaps for hipsters or nostalgic hand-soaps).

This division is going to keep getting more and more specific but how much can it keep dividing? 


Headquarters #1: Edmonton / Alberta / Canada


Headquarters #2: La Quinta / California / United States