Demographics, Psychographics & Sociographics

October 5, 2019

Traditionally marketers started with demographics - the way people looked on the outside.

"My name is Bob. I'm 36 and I live in California."

But then marketers got more sophisticated over the years and developed more empathy for the customers they seek to influence so they started to speak more in psychographic. How the person feels. Their deepest desires and fears. As this angle persists, it starts to loose its effect. Since marketers will still find away to create fake and false psychographic profiles of their customers as a way to just check a box on a list of things they have to do.

Where interesting marketing starts is blending both demographics and psychographic together - while at the same time looking to the social circles these psychographic live. This is called Sociographics.

Instead of thinking: What demographic or psychographic are we targeting? Instead think of what sociographic?

This will bring insight into the person and the culture around the idea that you are trying to put into the world.


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