Data & Empathy

November 30, 2019

In marketing we are taught to create advertising for the customer - becoming clear on who its for and the change that we seek to make.

Part of this is having empathy for exactly who this audience is and how they experience their life.

But what if we believe that the audience we are advertising for is just like us? That they share the same psychographic as us?

Can we selfishly create an ad for ourselves that would deeply resonate with us - hoping that it will resonate to the same type of person we are?

The answer is a simple no. We must still always base advertising not on selfishness but data and empathy.

It may be true that you love whiskey but the facts show that most whiskey drinkers read Better Home and Gardens. Is that what you read?

When being egocentric and in hoping that other people will resonate with our worldview; we leave ourselves exposed to some of the most common marketing pitfalls.


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