Constructing Customer Realities

November 16, 2019

In the last post I mentioned the idea that we as marketers can explore both our own reality and the customers reality to gain insights about how to better generate value for them.

But what does it mean to step into a customers reality? - What does it mean to create a better reality for them?

Creating a reality means providing the customer with the very paradigm that will allow them to experience and function throughout that reality. In a lot of ways you are setting the stage for the "rules, laws and physics" that you use as shorthand to explain the world that we live in now. Giving them the frameworks, systems and meaning to explore that reality that we created.

In other (less abstract terms) - its in a way about teaching the customer about a new way to see the world or to solve problems. It's a way to actively educate and build the model for how they see the world. That education is a dynamic concept - when we teach the same group of people more, more and more - they start to actually see the world differently in a way that is similar to ours. From this idea, the concept is that they are almost "stepping into our reality" or a "more desired reality".

This is just a different way of thinking about stories and values for your customer but it creates some questions to ask yourself: Whats the customers current reality and whats the desired reality that they want to get to and how can you help them get there? 


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