November 24, 2019

People have been using the idea of content marketing, educational or value marketing for a while - the idea of giving so much that people end up buying or engaging from you.

The thing about most content is that it sucks.

Most content is just filler. It lacks the substance and the richness that it takes to have marketing be elevated to that next level.

Richness and substance comes from comprehensibility - how is this the one stop source for this type of information? It requires hours and hours of meticulous research that most people aren't willing to do - and then when compiled most of the audience wont even care that you went through all this trouble.

But for the person that is looking for it - they will notice.

These small details that doesn't seem like much in content is key and when these small details are accumulated - it allows you to standout from the crowd as an authority on your topic.

When creating content - think about comprehensibility.


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