Brand Marketing Vs Direct Marketing

October 8, 2019

When people start a marketing campaign- most of the problems that arise, arise from a lack of clarity.

Everyone that is evolved have expectations about what this marketing campaign means and what the campaign is suppose to do.

Most of these problems arise from the distinction between brand and direct marketing.

Brand Marketing takes a sum lump of money and puts it out into the world. Whats the exact valuable of a billboard in New York, a sponsorship deal with a famous hockey player or a slot on a popular podcast? We feel like it's doing something but its hard to tell and is marketing that won't work right away - that's brand marketing.

Direct Marketing is Google, Facebook and Instagram ads. Direct marketing says :"I know exactly how many clicks I am getting, how many people see this ad and how many people are responding to it." It is measurable to the dollar and more instant in its nature - that's direct marketing.

Some people and companies will gravitate to just doing one form - direct or brand but as you discover slowly is that some of the best brands use a combination of both.

So next time you are making a campaign ask: Is this a direct or brand marketing campaign? From there you can start to get everyone on the same page.


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